• "He is the best Dermatologist I have ever seen."

    "I have been a regular patient at Asheboro Dermatology since it opened in 1996. Dr. Williams and I have gone through many experiences together. Several years ago, I began to experience complications due to many years of overexposure to the sun. Among many other things, Dr. Williams treated me for skin cancer. Not only was his diagnosis and treatment accurate, he practically 'built' me a new nose! He is the best Dermatologist I have ever seen.

    Asheboro Dermatology's professional staff is caring and competent. If you go to the office feeling discouraged, you will leave feeling educated about your disease or problem and full of hope. You can tell that they love what they do.

    They are truly the nicest group of doctors that I have ever worked with. I appreciate the personalized service and great care."
    T. Ray Hogan

Feedback from our patients

"I am convinced that Dr. William's diagnostic skills and aggressive treatment plan most certainly saved my life."

"I noticed an abnormal spot on my wrist, which turned out to be Merkel Cell Carcinoma, a rare type of skin cancer that tends to grow fast and to spread quickly to other parts of the body. It is critical to catch and treat it early.

I am convinced that Dr. William's diagnostic skills and aggressive treatment plan most certainly saved my life. His care was extraordinary, from taking every precaution to ensure an accurate diagnosis to the recommendation of treatment at Duke Medical Center with intense follow up. After successful surgery and five years of treatment at the Cancer Center, I am cancer free and feeling great!

Dr. Williams is truly the most patient-oriented physician that I know. He is honest about what to expect and has demonstrated an advanced level of skills and knowledge in Dermatology. I can't thank him enough for all that he has done for me."
Phil Kemp
karen-testimonialKaren Tyler

"She was so captivated by his questioning that she never realized he was using his 'magic touch' to complete the surgery."

"Like Mother, like daughter' are scary words when they are being used to describe a suspicious looking spot on your little girl. Even though I had experienced the skilled level of care and compassion that Dr. Williams exhibits through many personal encounters with Melanoma, I was very apprehensive about the experience and potential diagnosis for my six year old.

Earlier that morning as she was dressing for school, I noticed an unusual spot on her arm and after a short phone conversation with a staff nurse, we were in Dr. William's office. His recommendation was immediate removal.

The tears began streaming down her little cheeks. Needless to say, she was terrified, but Dr. Williams, in a convincing, almost child-like manner, assured her that the procedure would not hurt. He gently placed her in my lap and managed to distract her through playful conversation. It was over and she never realized that it had begun. What a relief! For both of us!

I was extremely impressed with the quality of care Dr. Williams provided during our visit. I particularly appreciated his kind and thoughtful manner, attention to detail, and of course, his medical expertise.

I have routine check ups at Asheboro Dermatology. Every member of the staff has at one time or another cared for me including all of the providers. They are all genuinely committed to each patient and demonstrate a level of dedication that is unsurpassed. They always make my visits as pleasant as possible, even when I am there just to hold the patient."

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